The queen of white grape varieties

Chardonnay is probably the best known white grape variety in the world. This versatile and adaptable variety original from southern Burgundy became increasingly popular from the 1980s onwards and today can be found in many wine regions around the world. Switzerland is no exception: the country produces very fine award-winning Chardonnays worth tasting.

Swiss Chardonnay is mainly found in the two predominant styles of this variety around the globe: voluptuous gastronomic whites aged in oak, and delicate sparkling wines, with some interesting sweet wines that wine-curious will appreciate.

Classical Chardonnays

With long maturations in oak that give them volume, creaminess and texture.

Sparkling Chardonnays

Chardonnay is often used in sparkling wines for the delicate notes it can achieve under this production method. Here are some good Chardonnay bubbles.

90P Falstaff
Nothing left to lose
90P Falstaff
Refolo Brut
Or Sélection des Vins de Genève
Genevoisie brut
tobias wein.gut.


Sweet Chardonnays - a rarity for the wine curious

Chardonnay is known for being produced in a dry style. However, there are exceptions, such as these examples where the overripe Chardonnay grapes make for unusual sweet wines.

CAGI - Cantina Giubiasco

Chardor (2016)

Le Nectar
Domaine Des Curiades

Le Nectar (2015)

Charme d'Or
Cave de la Combe Marendaz

Charme d'Or (2016)

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