Italian wines

Italy is for hedonists. The country is synonymous with food & wine, and not for nothing. Indeed, it is the World's main wine producer. Wherever you point your finger on the map, from the Alps to the Mediterranean sea, you will find an interesting wine-growing region.

The country's shape and history contribute to the great diversity of Italian wines, together with the huge number of grape varieties produced (more than 400, to say the least), many of them indigenous varieties. All in all: Italian wines are a unique -and very tasty- way to discover the country. Oh, mamma mia!

Recovered ancient grape variety
Recovered ancient grape variety
Cesenese Nero: the gem of central Italy

Cesenese Nero is a native grape variety of the Rieti area that was almost abandoned due to the migration of local farmers to different production sectors. Rediscovered by Antono Di Carlo and his cellar master, it has become one of the estate's flagship wines.

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