Falstaff Swiss Red Wine Blends Trophy 2021

Did you think varietal wines were always the best choice? Let these top red wine blends convince you otherwise.

Wine can be produced with one single grape variety, or either blending different ones. No option is better than the other, but there are some differences between both types of wines. While a varietal wine usually aims at expressing a grape’s or terroir essence, blends tend to have a more marked impression of the winemaker’s identity, and often allow for greater complexity.

Falstaff magazine recently held its Swiss Red Wine Blends Trophy 2021. As the name implies, the competition evaluates Swiss red wine assemblages and therefore allows for a wide variety of styles, ranging from Bordeaux blends to PIWI-based creations or innovative assemblages of local and international varieties. Different approaches for a single conclusion: Swiss red blends can meet exceptional quality standards.

We’re highlighting some of the winners in our portfolio to encourage you to taste some of these fine expressions of the Swiss wine blending art.

The winner
The winner
Clos de Tsampéhro Rouge VII

96 points. At the top of Swiss red wine blends and showing the great potential of Valais, the absolute winner of the competition is an assemblege where Bordeaux varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) meet the local Cornalin.

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Matteo Huber, Arca Rubra
The blending of different grape varieties brings balance and harmony alongside a solid structure.
Matteo Huber, Arca Rubra

Have we aroused your interest in red blends?

Keep an eye on these nice bottles that almost made it to the top.

... and their red wine blends were also awarded by Falstaff

The intermediate part of the list hides very good value red blends worth trying.

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