Organic & biodynamic wines

Good for you and for the planet

As consumers, every day we are looking for products that are more in line with our values, respectful of the environment and our health. This is also true when it comes to wine. In the same way, more and more winemakers are embracing these principles and applying them in their winemaking. These bottles we cherish twice, as their positive effect goes beyond our palate.

Organic wine has become increasingly popular, and today there are countless excellent examples to be found. The variety is enormous, and suits all tastes and budgets. Find some of the best Swiss organic wines, browse and enjoy!

Organic vs Biodynamic: can you taste the difference?

Spoiler: the answer is probably no (no one does) but the experiment will be fun!

Awarded organic wines

Different styles, the same love for nature and sustainability

Wine knowledge
Wine knowledge
Organic & biodynamic wine: what's the difference?
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Alba García, Content Manager
Behind an organic or a biodynamic wine there is often a precious human story of love and connection with land.
Alba García, Content Manager

Biodynamic wines: have you ever tasted them? 

Biodynamic wines are gaining presence in the Swiss wine scene, with excellent examples to be found in all styles and in all cantons.

Want to try our special selection?

Our Bio Set brings together six high quality Swiss organic wines of different styles.

Bio Set

Bio Set

Organic and biodynamic wines that will thrill you!

CHF 160.00

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