Food pairing

Find the best food & wine combinations

It's time to plate up! Which wine is best to drink with which food? Making the right choice is no easy task - on the contrary, it is a science in itself. There are long-established thumb rules, such as to pair dark meat with powerful red wine and poultry and fish with white wine. But the matter is much more complex, because no wine equals the other. Moreover, if you are too conventional when pairing, you may miss out on unique taste experiences!

To guide you through this jungle, we bring you wine suggestions for popular food categories such as pizza, asparagus, cheese, game and vegetarian dishes. Try our combinations and treat yourself.

You should only have beer with pizza?

Not at all! A crispy pizza goes particularly well with fruity red wines, but you can also be bold and try an intense sparkling wine aged on its lees, especially if we're talking "pizza bianca". Go for these companions!

Our favorite wines for asparagus

What better way to celebrate the beloved asparagus season than with a glass of wine? The pairing options are as diverse as are the recipes featuring this vegetable. Take a look at our favorites!

Perfect companions for your next cheese platter

Enhance your cheese platter with this quartet: A Champagne for creamy cheeses like Brie and Camembert, a citrusy Amigne for hard cheeses, a Gewürztraminer for blue cheese and a Sauvignon blanc for goat cheese.