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With the winter season comes the return of the fondue chinoise. There is hardly any other festive meal that enjoys such great popularity in Switzerland. This Christmas classic, which has its roots in the Chinese "hot pot", is the highlight of every convivial evening. Fondue chinoise shines in its versatility: with the countless possible options when it comes to meat, sauces and side dishes, there is something for everyone.

This is also the reason why it can seem difficult to guess what is a good fondue wine and which wine goes well with fondue chinoise. Keeping the diverse spirit of the dish, countless pairings are possible. In general, however, a full-bodied white wine is recommended with white meat and a full-bodied red wine with red meat. One thing is clear, however: no matter what the combination of wine and meat is - you can only love fondue chinoise!

Fondue Chinoise
Fondue Chinoise
What does it take?

The traditional Christmas menu is quick and easy to prepare. These are the ingredients you will need:
* Caquelon
* Bouillon
* Meat: beef, chicken, pork, lamb...
* Dip sauces: tartar, cocktail, curry...
* Side dishes: rice, bread, vegetables...
* A good wine!

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