Wine labels

The wineries' business card

What would a wine bottle be without its label? This is precisely the question that the Sumerians and Egyptians asked themselves many thousands of years ago. The origin of the first wine label goes back more than 6000 years and was used at that time as a roll seal with characters on it for the identification of wine vessels. The first printed label as we know it today has only existed since the discovery of lithography in 1822.

Today, the label is the business card of every winemaker and provides information about the producer, the region, the grape varieties and, of course, the vintage. A successful wine label also conveys the values and traditions of the winery through its graphics and style. Let yourself be impressed by the great labels of our winegrowers!

Roman Hermann, Weingut Hermann
The importance of terroir is reflected in our new label. It shows the roots and the soil. For me it is the soul of the wine. I am glad that my personal philosophy is also reflected on the label.
Roman Hermann, Weingut Hermann