Swiss sparkling wine: Mousseux

"Mousseux" comes from the French word "mousse", which means "foam".

Sparkling wine is characterised by its elaborate production method, the "Méthode traditionnelle". While the first fermentation takes place in the barrel, the second fermentation process (which produces the precious bubbles) follows in the bottle. Compared to Champagne, which comes from the famous Champagne region in France, the production of "Mousseux" in Switzerland tends to show more innovative approaches, with occasional experiments with new grape varieties.

Mousseux represents the perfect blend of the winemaker's personal craft and the expression of the terroir. This results in the opportunity to experience full individuality and flavour diversity in the glass. It reflects the best sites of the vineyards and is therefore not without reason considered an exquisite, complex drop of the highest quality. The Mousseux is the perfect choice for an aperitif, as an accompaniment to an appetiser or to toast a special occasion.

Our mousseaux of the Week
Our mousseaux of the Week
A Mousseux to rival Champagne

An excellent Swiss sparkling wine produced with Pinot Noir grapes from the most beautiful steep slopes of Lake Biel according to the "Méthode Traditionelle".

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