Wineries with a view

Sip your wine looking at a breathtaking view, be it a UNESCO World Heritage site or a grandiose lake scenery.

A vineyard landscape is always captivating, but when the hilly expanses, full of carefully arranged, freshly green sprouting rows of vines, border on a lake it almost turns the picture into a painting.

The wineries of Ticino, close to the famous Lake Maggiore, offer an indescribably beautiful view of the lake, with its small bordering villages, and one can even catch a glimpse of the country's border with Italy.

Wineries in the Lavaux region on Lake Geneva also offer exceptionally beautiful views of water and land. Due to the size of the lake, the horizon seems eternally distant. The slopes on which the winegrowers cultivate their vines there are among the steepest in Switzerland. They are laid out in terraces, often making winegrowing hard and complicated. Nevertheless, if you have the chance to visit them, you should put up with the effort: the view is priceless.

Is the location the reason for these successful wines?

Domaine Blondel and Cave Morel are two estates in the Lavaux region with a wonderful view of Lake Geneva.

A view into the blue

These wonderful wineries enjoy an unobstructed view of a lake. Whether on Lake Maggiore or Lake Geneva, the view is uniquely beautiful.

Discover white wines from these special sites

Reds do also enjoy the location. They're worth a look.

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