Pinot Noir, worshiped by winelovers

Stories and wines to help you choose a Pinot Noir wine

Pinot Noir is one of the best known and most appreciated wine grape varieties in the world, and one of the oldest. Originally from Burgundy (France), today we can find very good Swiss Pinot Noirs from Neuchâtel, Salquenen or Salgesch, among other regions.

Pinot Noir is capable of reflecting terroir in an unequivocal way: every environment element (soil, temperatures, sun exposure...) will have its impact on the final result of the wine. For this reason, only the most experienced winegrowers manage to get the best out of it. Delicate and demanding in the vineyard, the results can be sublime when adequately managed. Possibly that is why it is rare to see it blended with other varieties, being more common in mono varietals.

In addition to its undeniable quality, its versatility should also be highlighted. Pinot Noir light red berries produce light red wines, but also excellent white wines, rosés and sparkling wines. A range of possibilities that we invite you to discover through our stories and our winemakers.

Jonas Ettlin, Country Manager
Pinot Noir is a very exigent variety. However, when terroir, annual climate, vineyard management and winemaking are in harmony, it produces the most complex and noblest red wines.
Jonas Ettlin, Country Manager

Pinot Noir rosé wines - Full of charm

When used for making rosé wines, Pinot Noir brings crispness and elegance. The Neuchâtel canton is even home of a unique historical dry rosé style, called "oeil-de-perdrix".