Rosé wine

Ah, rosé wine! A symbol of summer and joie de vivre and an entity on its own for many, this type of wine remains a stranger for some wine drinkers.

Rosé wine has seen its popularity grow worldwide during the last decade. Rosé wines are produced in an infinite range of shades, from very pale to very intense ones, so there are chances you’ll find one to your liking. Here is our selection. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Rosé wine: not red, not white!

What is rosé wine and how is it made? It has become part of warm summer days, whether by the sea, in a café or at an aperitif, and is neither white nor red wine.

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Intense rosés - Gourmand sips

The colour voltage of rosés can also go pretty high. This is not only beautiful in the glass, but often an announcement of the juicy fruity aromas that the wine will reveal.

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A selection of six different Swiss rosés from different regions and in different styles. Taste, compare and find your favourite(s)!
Rosé Set

Rosé Set

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Martine Klay, Regional Manager
Whether it is fresh and light for a summer aperitif or intense and structured to pair with a meal, rosé wine will always highlight beautiful moments of relax and conviviality with its freshness.
Martine Klay, Regional Manager