Sparkling wine & Champagne

Sparkling wine is characterised by its elaborate production method, the "Méthode traditionnelle". While the first fermentation takes place in the barrel, the second fermentation (which produces the precious bubbles) happens inside the bottle. Compared to Champagne, which comes from the famous Champagne region in France, the production of sparkling wine tends to show more innovative approaches, with occasional experiments with new grape varieties.

Sparkling wine and Champagner represent the perfect blend of the winemaker's personal craft and the expression of the terroir. This results in the opportunity to experience full individuality and flavour diversity in the glass. It reflects the best sites of the vineyards, that is why it is considered an exquisite, complex drop of the highest quality. These pearls are the perfect choice for an aperitif, as an accompaniment to an appetiser or to toast to a special occasion.

Grande Réserve, one of the greats

This champagne is the perfect expression of the spirit of this estate: an accessible wine with a strong character.

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