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Woman power in the wine bottle

Women winemakers are shaking up the wine world and bringing a new impulse to the wine industry with their determination and passion. In the past, women were not encouraged to participate in the tradition-bound art of wine, partly because of the hard work it involve, but nowadays technology makes up for all the physical disadvantages. Today many inspiring and ambitious female winemakers can be found.

Whether newcomer, pioneer, icon or heiress of a family winery - they all strive for perfection and the highest quality of wines. They amaze us with their innovation and courage, and their noble creations are worth a closer look.

Take a closer look at these wines from our female winemakers

Two wines that celebrate traditional indigenous varieties.

Award-winning wines from our female winemakers

A selection of excellent wines that live up to their name.

Melissa Carvigant
I love seeing more women in the winemaking space and am happy to support their endeavors by purchasing their wines, which by the way, are amazing!
Melissa Carvigant

Discover red wines with female power

All these red wine creations are an excellent accompaniment to a dinner.

Would you like to know more about where the wines were made?

Whether it be biodynamic agriculture or a long family tradition - they all have something in common and produce unique red wines.

We have more female winemaker wines for you!

Our Women Winemaker set presents six high-quality wines from six female winemakers from all regions of Switzerland.

Swiss women winemaker

Swiss women winemaker

Discover the wines of six very talented Swiss women winemakers

CHF 130.00

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