About Winemaker.com

Winemaker.com is the digital marketplace for discoverers and connoisseurs and promotes direct encounters between winemakers and wine lovers.

In accordance with the diversity of the wine offer, we consistently convey stories and knowledge about quality wines, the wineries and their winemakers to interested consumers in four languages.

The Team

Our core team consists of 12 employees in Switzerland and Barcelona in the areas of product development, content creation, marketing, customer service and contact persons for the winemakers.

In addition, more than 25 freelancers work on the creation of texts, pictures and videos for Winemaker.com.

Where appropriate, we also complement our team with other experts (designers, developers, QA) to realize our vision of Winemaker.com.

Our history

  • November 2020: Public relations work begins with the first orders

    The core team has grown to eleven employees, especially the areas of marketing, customer service and content creation have been expanded.

  • October 28th 2020: We are live!

    After almost six months of development, Winemaker.com goes live with 100 Swiss vineyards and over 1000 wines. We are holding initial talks with winemakers in France and Italy.

  • May 2020: Winemaker World SA is founded in Kilchberg/ZH

    We start the development with a core team of 6 employees.

  • April 2020: We believe in the idea!

    After a three-month concept phase and examination of the idea with many winemakers, we decide on the "Go" and secure the financing.