Our goal is to offer our customers on winemaker.com an experience like visiting a winery in-person.

Direct from the winery. It’s simply better.

The marketplace winemaker.com gives wine lovers direct access to winemakers with insights into their craft and secrets. With the aim of fundamentally improving online wine sales for the benefit of wine lovers and winemakers.

Currently, there are over 2,000 wines from Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy to discover.

The direct sale without intermediaries allows advantageous direct sales prices and a fair income for the wineries. Cheers!

winemaker.com is directly better
  • Regional diversity

    winemaker.com currently presents over 2,000 different wines from all regions of Switzerland. In summer 2021, France, Italy and Austria will be added.

  • Authentic experience

    winemaker.com offers direct access to winemakers and insights into their everyday lives with curated stories. You don't just buy wine, but learn about its origins and exciting backgrounds – by the way, always in four languages.

  • Fair direct sales prices

    winemaker.com and the wineries guarantee favourable direct sales prices. Thanks to sales without intermediaries, you ensure a fair income for the winemakers.

  • Reliable processing

    winemaker.com is your contact for ordering, delivery, and payment. Our systems comply with the latest security standards and are regularly checked and certified by external experts.

How Winemaker.com works
  1. You order conveniently on Winemaker.com and pay with your preferred payment method.

  2. Our wineries receive your order and prepare it for shipment.

  3. Our partner Planzer delivers the wines directly from the winery to you.

Our team
  • Alba Garcia Laguna
    Alba Garcia Laguna
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Bartosz Podlewski
    Bartosz Podlewski
    Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Elian Kool
    Elian Kool
    Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Martine Klay
    Martine Klay
    Suisse Romande, Switzerland
  • Mélissa Carvigant
    Mélissa Carvigant
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Bianka König
    Bianka König
    Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Clara Hubert
    Clara Hubert
    Bordeaux, France
  • Felix Wenger
    Felix Wenger
    Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Giuseppe Voci
    Giuseppe Voci
    Ticino, Switzerland & Italy
  • Jonas Ettlin
    Jonas Ettlin
    Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Martina Schwaller
    Martina Schwaller
    Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Thomas Klein
    Thomas Klein
    Kilchberg, Switzerland

Our core team consists of 15 employees in Switzerland, France and Barcelona in the areas of product development, content creation, marketing, customer service and winemaker relations.

In addition, more than 25 freelancers work on the creation of texts, images and videos for winemaker.com.

Marko Mijatovic and Sarah Hablützel from Studio grund und wild have been with us since the beginning and provide professional photos of every winery!

Where appropriate, we also complement our team with other experts (designers, developers, QA) to realise our vision of winemaker.com.

Our history

  • February 2021: Expansion to Europe

    In January 2021, Winemaker World GmbH was founded in Grünwald, Germany, which will allow us to import and export wine from the middle of the year.

    Our goal is on the one hand to finally make Swiss wine known to a larger audience in the EU and on the other hand to allow Swiss consumers to enjoy excellent producers from France, Italy and Austria!

  • November 2020: Public relations work begins with the first orders

    The core team has grown to eleven employees, especially the areas of marketing, customer service and content creation have been expanded.

  • October 28th 2020: We are live!

    After almost six months of development, Winemaker.com goes live with 100 Swiss vineyards and over 1000 wines. We are holding initial talks with winemakers in France and Italy.

  • May 2020: Winemaker World SA is founded in Kilchberg/ZH

    We start the development with a core team of 6 employees.

  • April 2020: We believe in the idea!

    After a three-month concept phase and examination of the idea with many winemakers, we decide on the "Go" and secure the financing.

  • Attractive direct sales prices

    We deliver directly from the winery and guarantee fair conditions for our customers and producers. Buyer protection and security with trustmark.

  • Fast Shipping

    Order on weekdays until 1 pm, and your order will be delivered within 2 working days. Our Tasting Sets will be delivered on the next working day.

  • Transparent shipping costs

    Free delivery for orders of CHF 150 or more per winery.