Our offer for Winemakers

Already more than 150 winemakers from all over Switzerland are represented on Winemaker.com, but we are constantly looking for new, exciting winemakers for our wine friends!

Do you have an estate of at least 5 hectares, and making wine is your main occupation, then don't hesitate to contact us!

Winemaker opens up new markets and distribution channels and therefore expands to Italy, France and Germany in the near future.

Our target

Our aim is to offer our customers an experience as close as possible to a real visit to a winery - and to significantly increase the proportion of direct sales!

Why become a part of Winemaker.com?

1. We can do marketing

  • We identify the right USP (unique selling point) for every winemaker to present the winery and its products in the best light.
  • The Content creation (images, texts, translations) are fully created free of charge by Winemaker.com. Additional services like drone videos or professional pictures of the products are passed on at advantageous prices.
  • Winemaker.com is available in 4 languages (German, French, Italian & English). This allows the largest possible audience to discover the wines regardless of language barriers.

2. we can do logistics

  • Thanks to our cooperation and technical integration with our partner Planzer, we can ensure prompt deliveries throughout Switzerland at good conditions.
  • Our platform handles VAT-compliant billing, credit checks and debt collection efficiently and reliably
  • Soon Winemaker.com will also export to the EU and expand our logistics network into selected countries

3. Easy collaboration

  • The Winemaker.com platform automatically takes care of the entire order process. When an order is placed, the winery receives a PDF with delivery note and address label including barcode by e-mail.
  • The articles and stock can be updated with a few clicks without losing control over quantities and prices.
  • The winery only has to pack the order. At the announced time it will be picked up by our logistics partner Planzer.

Contact persons for winemakers

Suisse Romande

Martine Klay
[email protected]
‭+41 79 285 69 28‬

German speaking Switzerland & Austria

Jonas Ettlin
[email protected]
‭+41 78 743 53 53‬

Ticino & Italy

Guiseppe Voci
[email protected]
‭+41 79 635 01 03‬


Clara Hubert
[email protected]