Apéro Set

Our wine suggestions to uncork a good moment.

Some wines specially call for conviviality. Easy-drinking, light and fresh wines to share among friends and laughs when you want the focus to be out of the glass and just enjoy the company while relishing a pleasant sip... and still, those wines can surprise you and end up at the center of conversations!

These are the wines that you will receive:


Larix (2019)

Olivier Roten produces this unique wine from two Valais indigenous grape varieties using large lark barrels - an ancient traditional winemaking technique of the region that gives the wine its name. The result is a fresh white wine with a special note of resine.


Bourrée (2019)

This Ticino Merlot "blanc de noirs" bears a french name that is related to music: bourrée is an ancien popular dance from central France that was later recovered in baroque music. And, just as it, this fruity wine is elegant, vibrant and lively.

Les Embleyres

Les Embleyres (2019)

No Swiss apéro set would be complete without a Chasselas! This one is a grand-cru produced by Jean-Paul & François Rogivue in the UNESCO site of Lavaux. A dry white wine full of character, with a multi-layered personality.

Rosé 31.10.

Rosé 31.10. (2019)

A modern young rosé packed with berry aromas. Refreshing and intense, easy to drink and interesting at the same time. Dionys Wyss produces a rosé that will conquer both neophytes and expert winelovers.

Müller Thurgau Classic

Müller Thurgau Classic (2019)

This light, fresh and mineral Riesling-Sylvaner shows a typical floral side with a nutmeg note. The fact that it is produced in the AOC Thurgau is a happy coincidence: this variety was created by professor Müller from Thurgau and is therefore also known under the name of Müller Thurgau, but it is widely planted in different regions.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc (2019)

A typical fruity and expressive Sauvignon Blanc, this white wine is among the Cave & Domaine Les Perrières best sellers for good reason. Just open, share and enjoy. You will love it!

Apéro Set

Apéro Set

CHF 115.00 per set
Apéro Set
CHF 115.00
Thirsty for more?
Thirsty for more?

Discover the wines in this tasting set under the expert guidance of our tasting panel lead, Jonas Ettlin, with a 45 minutes session during which you will follow a guided tasting and be able to ask all your questions and doubts about the fascinating world of wine.

  • Cost: CHF 300 (free over 25 sets)
  • In English, German or French

If you are interested in a tasting experience, please contact us at [email protected] or +41 43 215 47 38 and we will be happy to organise it for you.

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