Gold Set

Nothing but the best: gold-awarded Swiss wines

This tasting set gathers only the best of the best. Six Swiss wines carefully selected by our experts, whose excellence has been recognized by the most prestigious awards and publications. Expovina, Mondial des Pinots, Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, Vinum…

Let yourself be amazed by this Gold Tasting Set. These are complex artisan wines that will delight you if drank now, but would certainly benefit from a bit of patience. So no worries if you forget one or two of these bottles in a dusty corner of your cellar, you will be even more delighted when you find them in some years!

These are the wines that you will receive:

Rheinriesling (2020)

Stefan Gysel vineyards are located in the middle of the regional nature park Schaffhausen. This Rhine Riesling is characterised by aromas such as apple, lime and apricot. The lively acidity on the palate is very precise, making the wine refreshing and crisp. Soft palate and a classy, mineral finish.

Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris (2018)

Nicolas Cheseaux is an ambassador of the Valaisan tradition. His sloppy vineyards produce wines of great quality, like this Pinot Gris. Its fine nose presents notes of peach and hazelnut. Its mouth is unctuous, rich with a fresh finish. A dry white wine that goes well with cheese, foie gras and desserts.

Monte Carasso
Monte Carasso (2018)

Deep ruby red Merlot, very intense bouquet with hints of ripe red fruit, cocoa and spices. It is a wine of great structure and elegance. The combination of richness and softness makes it powerful but harmonious. It has a remarkable and persistent aromatic complexity.

Fürscht Pinot Noir
Fürscht Pinot Noir (2018)

This wine comes from the best grapes of the best plot of Walenstadt, the "Fürscht" vineyard, under the steep rock faces of the Churfirsten mountain range, whose conditions are ideal to produce top Pinot Noirs. On the palate it is spicy and powerful. A Pinot Noir of remarkable class. A wine to age.

Pinot Noir Barrique
Pinot Noir Barrique (2015)

Fehr-Engeli Reb- und Weinbau were among the first Swiss wineries to use oak barrels to age their wines. A technique that adds complexity and intensity to the wines, such as this special Pinot Noir.

Syrah Anástasi
Syrah Anástasi (2018)

Thierry Constantin's trademark are long-aged, complex and gastronomic wines. This one is a well-structured Syrah with peppery and spicy notes enhanced by cloves, camphor, violets and menthol. Ripe and well-integrated tannic structure. Ample, long, fruity, airy and tonic.

Gold Set

Gold Set

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Gold Set
CHF 107.00 CHF 153.00