Swiss Pinot Noirs

Six Pinot Noirs from all over Switzerland to ravish your palate

Pinot Noir is one of the most appreciated wine grape varieties in the world for its capacity of reflecting terroir and because it is very challenging in the vineyard. Only the most experienced winegrowers manage to get the best out of it. But, when adequately managed, the result is truly worth it.

We have put together 6 of our best Swiss Pinot Noirs to help you discover this variety in the most fun and hedonistic way. They come from different regions of Switzerland and have been produced by winemakers with different personalities, philosophies and approaches. Taste, compare... and enjoy!

These are the wines that you will receive:

Les Cloux
Les Cloux (2019)

Cousins Jungo & Fellmann produce this Pinot Noir aged in Burgundian barrels in their 16th century cellar in the Entre-deux-Lacs region, from vineyards planted on the first slopes of the Jura. A Pinot Noir for lovers of full-bodied wines.

Fläscher Pinot Noir "Selection Bovel"
Fläscher Pinot Noir "Selection Bovel" (2018)

Daniel Marugg's experience in Burgundy got him to master Pinot Noir. This particular one shows red berry aromas with subtle wood, and a finely structured and persistent palate. Complex and sophisticated, it is a must for all Pinot lovers.

Granat Barrique
Granat Barrique (2018)

Hansruedi Neukom and his two sons Leo and Tony produce this powerful and structured Pinot Noir. Red and dark berries aromas with a toasted note. Ripe palate with a long finish. Pair it with beef, lamb, or stews.

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir (2019)

This biodynamic Pinot grown comes from the north shore of Lake Neuchâtel. It reveals aromas of wild berries and a sligh smokiness and spiciness. Excellent with white and red meats and sausages, hard and semi-soft cheeses. The more daring will appreciate it with pike-perch fillets in a Pinot Noir sauce.

Pinot noir Stierenbluet
Pinot noir Stierenbluet (2018)

Notes of vanilla and roasted coffee, laurel and black cherry, in a very typical nose that shows its dominance on the spicy side. The finish is long and firm with a fresh elegance. But this wine does also hide a curious anecdote: it gave its name to an episode of “Der Bestatter”, the famous Swiss TV production, where the Wehrli winery was showcased!

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir (2020)

Jean-Marie Pont was supposed to become a baker, but life had other plans for him. Since 2006 he has been running his own wine estate, with vineyards on the hillsides of Sierre, on the shores of Lake Géronde and in Corin, in the Valais. This ruby red Pinot Noir leaves a silky sensation on the palate with aromas of morello cherry and dark chocolate.

Swiss Pinot Noirs

Swiss Pinot Noirs

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Swiss Pinot Noirs
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