Women Winemaker Set

Discover the wines of six very talented Swiss women winemakers.

This wine selection aims to highlight the talent of six women currently producing great wines in Switzerland. We invite you to a journey across the country where you will discover different Swiss wine regions, styles and varieties guided by these winemakers, as well as their personal stories and careers.

Some of them are pioneers and others are young rising stars. Some of them work with international varieties, and others are committed to make local varieties shine. But, most importantly, all of them endeavour to produce excellent wines.

In this tasting set you will find Merlot from Ticino, Cornalin and Païen/Heida (Savagnin Blanc) from Valais, Chasselas from Vaud, and Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer from Zurich.

This female-accented tasting set is packed with diversity and quality.

We hope you enjoy it!

Martina Schwaller, Winemaker Team
Six excellent wines from six great female winemakers! Suitable for every occasion and with options for every taste.
Martina Schwaller, Winemaker Team

These are the wines that you will receive:


Gewürztraminer (2019)

Monica Hasler produces traditional wines with her own signature. This dry wine with roses notes is her very personal interpretation of Gewürztraminer, far from the popular sweet style usually associated with this variety.


Cornalin (2019)

The young winemaker Shadia Clavien recently took over the family estate, with promising results. The typical Valais red grape variety Cornalin is her favorite one, and after you open this bottle it might become yours too.

Tête de Pinot

Tête de Pinot (2018)

After some years of international experience in South Africa and Argentina, Nadine Saxer went back to the Zurich area, where she produces this great aromatic Pinot Noir that honors its name, being her most sought-after wine.

Saint-Saphorin L'Elegant

Saint-Saphorin L'Elegant (2019)

At just 28 years old, Delphine Morel advocates for Chasselas, the flagship grape variety of the Vaud region and, in her own words, the one that best expresses her vineyards terroir. This very elegant wine confirms her bet with brilliant results.

Païen / Heïda

Païen / Heïda (2019)

Martine Vocat works with traditional Valais varieties to create wines full of character. Here, Païen/Heida (Savagnin Blanc) is approached with impeccable taste. A wine that shows Martine’s talent for crafting special wines from local tradition.


Moncucchetto (2018)

Cristina Monico is a very talented winemaker from Ticino. She masters Merlot, a grape variety with which she produces this fresh, structured, elegant red wine that will captivate you.

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Women Winemaker Set

Women Winemaker Set

CHF 130.00 per set
Women Winemaker Set
CHF 130.00
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Thirsty for more?

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