A new branding for winemaker.com by bodin.consulting

The best way to buy wine is directly from the winery. Based on this idea, entrepreneur Elian Kool and his team have created a new model of marketplace.

The platform gives wine lovers direct access to winemakers through stories and reports providing insights into their craft and secrets. Currently, winemaker.com offers 2,000 wines from over 170 wineries from all regions of Switzerland. The portfolio grows weekly and will add wines from Italy and France this summer. By avoiding intermediaries, winemaker.com offers advantageous direct sales prices to consumers and ensures a fair income for winegrowers. The team behind winemaker.com has the ambition to improve online wine sales with technology and passion, benefiting all agents involved in the process.

A branding idea that is a declaration of love for wine

In the course of the expansion of the winemaker.com platform, a comprehensive overhaul of the strategy and branding was also necessary. Frank Bodin and his team were entrusted with this task. Their idea is as simple as it is captivating: a declaration of love for wine, in which the old winemaker.com logo - a grape bunch- is met anew by Cupid's arrow, conveying both the direct sales concept as well as the winemaker.com focus on human and emotional stories. Elian Kool comments: "A wonderful symbol for a marketplace that connects people who produce wine with great dedication with people who passionately enjoy wine."

Digital storytelling as a decisive factor

The rebranding is complemented by a redesign of the platform, including a new colour palette, new imagery and even more, sharpened content. Indeed, besides direct access to winemakers, winemaker.com also offers exciting insights with curated content. Therefore, one does not just buy wine, but also gets to know its origin and many exciting stories about it. And this in four languages (English, German, French and Italian). In addition, winemaker.com will soon be the first to be able to offer true AI-based wine analysis and recommendations; this will allow users to find their individual, true favourites instead of just relying on other’s people taste or awards points.

For more information:

Felix Wenger, Winemaker.com, [email protected], +41 43 883 00 38
Frank Bodin, bodin.consulting, [email protected], +41 78 7777 007

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