A Valaisan in Fläsch

The Diolinoir was secretly established in the Bündner Herrschaft during tastings. The region also owes its good reputation to the desire for something new. In the Bündner Herrschaft, tradition is highly valued.

The Pinot Noir, which makes up 80 percent of the wine, has always been pressed here. But the region also owes its good reputation to the desire for something new. At the turn of the millennium, Hanspeter Kunz was looking for a vine to complement his Blauburgunder.

A glass of wine from Hanspeter Kunz

His apprentice at the time came from the Valais and there they had just crossed the old Valais vine Rouge de Diolly with Pinot Noir. This Diolinoir has loose, large grapes that ripen shortly after the Pinot Noir. So both went to the Valais, talked to winegrowers, informed themselves and Hanspeter Kunz decided to cross the Valais. He cultivates the Diolinoir varietally pure. The Diolinoir tastes like Merlot and Syrah and is different from the Pinot Noir: with aromas of blackberries and black cherry. At tastings with colleagues, Hanspeter secretly begins to serve his pressed Diolinoir. And the Valaisan also inspires enthusiasm in the Bündner Herrschaft, so that the grape has gained a firm place in the assortment of Hanspeter Kunz's vineyards as "Rubris".

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