History and respect for nature in wine

The philosophy of Azienda Agricola Reassi reflects the peculiarities of its territory, cultivated since the Ancient Romans. It focuses mainly on native varieties, trying to enhance their characteristics and potential with an original and authentic approach.

The history of the Bonato family and of the Reassi farm starts from afar thanks to the family inheritance of Giuseppe Bonato, a proud farmer who decides to commit himself personally, to understanding the nature of the property plots and to dedicate the right varieties, local and international to every vineyard. Inside the estate, there are still some vines of 1900, of a white variety called Pinella.

The Bonato family also grows Manzoni Bianco, Moscato Giallo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. From an ampelographic and geographical study, the family has started a project to plant three ancient and indigenous varieties. They are Marzemina Nera Bastarda (Bastard - so called because it produces small quantities and some vineyards even nothing), Turchetta and Corbina. Three cultivars, completely forgotten. So
unknown that they were not included in the national catalog of vines anymore.

The Bonato family has the birthright of this rediscovery and thanks to its constant investment in resources and skills, now Marzemina, Turchetta and Corbina are back and vinified. The geological composition of the Colli Euganei is very rich and very varied. We pass from plots where there is mostly sedimentary limestone of marine origin, up to the so-called Euganean marls, to arrive at the most consistent layer of the subsoil of volcanic origin very rich in basalts and rocks of the latest formation such as Trachyte, Rhyolite and the Lalite.

In addition to the territorial variety, on the Colli Euganei there are also different microclimates, due to the different exposure to the sun, ranging from the Mediterranean, to the coolest to the mild, hot and humid. There are large temperature variations between day and night.

The return of Diego, as an international winemaker, has motivated the Bonato family to changd route. They now aim at the production of wines dedicated to the HoReCa channel and direct sales.

This great heritage can only represent a productive stimulus and a development of agricultural awareness oriented towards respect and conservation of the territory, an impulse that the Bonato family tries to expand and pass on every day.

Thanks to the return to the company of Diego, an international winemaker, the Bonato family has changed route and is now aiming at the exclusive production of wines dedicated to the HoReCa channel and direct sales. There is a deep agronomic attention and due to the numerous thinning, the selection of the bunches, suitable for becoming grapes, has become very strict.

The Ancient Romans, great consumers of wine and efficient producers, chose this area from the very beginning of their arrival, dedicating a lot of attention to its slopes and introducing the vines, inherited and learned from the Etruscans and Greeks. The Bonato family has kept their vision, and carries on viticulture like a code written in its DNA. In 2015 begins the organic conversion, an important step that definitively decrees the company's deep commitment to the future of this fascinating area.

Azienda Agricola Reassi
Azienda Agricola Reassi


Diego Bonato


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