Immortalisation of a special moment

In search of a name for an exceptional wine. In 2007 the Marugg family was able to buy a plot of land on the steep slagheap behind the village. They terraced the terrain and asked themselves what they should best plant.

In the region, Pinot noir and Diolinoir are frequently used for cuvée. Jürg Marugg wanted something different and has chosen Syrah and Merlot. Growing Syrah in this region is not easy, but it was worth a try, especially in combination with the reliable Merlot. The Syrah and Merlot grapes, which each cover half of the plot, are grown separately.

Jürg Marugg shows his grapevines

The wine matures for 18 months in barrique, using new wood for 2/3 of the wine, the rest is put into the barrique as a second filling. Then everything is assembled. "Syrah is dominant in the nose, Merlot is more prominent on the palate", Jürg Marugg notes. The special wine should also be given a special name. Jürg and Daniela Marugg asked relatives and acquaintances for suggested names. The most frequently mentioned were "Symphony" and "Harmony" - for Jürg Marugg an old hat. He remembered the moment when he stood in the plot and decided to grow Syrah and Merlot. This moment remained in his memory and gave the wine its name: "momentum".

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