Increased attention

Through biodynamic farming, the vineyard is placed under high surveillance.

In 2016, all the Domaine de Montmollin's vines were switched to organic farming. However, the spring of that year proved to be extremely rainy: disease pressure was present everywhere. Benoît and Rachel mention that they had noticed some of the conventional vines were in fact more affected than some of their own.

This reinforced their convictions. According to them, what largely explains this difference is the vigilance and observation required by organic and biodynamic crops. “There is something very interesting in biodynamics,” they say, “and that is the constant research: we are always going further. Every season is different, but during each one we always add a little something extra. A test. It really is a different way of observing nature compared to how it was before: we don't do for the sake of doing, we operate according to what nature needs! We really do what nature needs," explains Benoît de Montmollin.