Two cantons in a jar

Seldom can two terroirs be compared so clearly in the glass. The wines from Cumme Winery all follow a clear and minimalist philosophy.

The wine should come from the grape and the grapes should grow as well as possible. Valentin Oberholzer sets every pruning according to this principle: the grapes that remain should all be healthy at harvest. To achieve this, the winegrower is often in the vines in the secondary office to decide where he has to intervene. Reduction is the tool of his choice: sometimes he reduces the number of grapes, sometimes he reduces the number of young shoots to concentrate the character of the terroir in the grapes.

In the wine cellar, he leaves the work to the berries, so that they can finally show their genuine character in the glass. Cumme has two plots of Pinot Noir: one in Valais at 850 metres above sea level and one in Graubünden at 580 metres, which reflect their terroir in the glass at the end: The Pinot from Valais is harvested a week earlier and is more full-bodied with more volume. In contrast, Pinot from Malans tastes slimmer and more elegant. Seldom can the terroir be compared so unadulterated.

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