Cantina Settemaggio



The vineyards of the Settemaggio winery are located in the Sopraceneri: from Lake Locarno to Giornico. A region that provides specific microclimates for each vineyard and allows an interesting diversity of grape varieties to be grown. The grapes are then processed in a cellar now used for winemaking, which was originally a stable founded by their grandparents.The barrique cellar is located in a 19th century building whose structure naturally keeps optimal humidity and temperature.

After a completely manual harvest, the Settemaggio winery follows a winemaking process based on the experience and knowledge of two professional oenologists (Marco Garattoni and Francesco Tettamanti) and the most innovative technologies in the field.

Cantina Settemaggio
Via Pedmúnt 15
6513 Monte Carasso


When a need turns into a gift

Tributo ("tribute") is a very soft and lovable Merlot which was born from a market need but turned out to be much more than a simple answer to a need: this wine has become a tribute.

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The desire to experiment

An innovation that starts from the vineyard. Since its birth, the Settemaggio winery has been distinguished by its curiosity and its desire to experiment.

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Our wine selection

  • Sette punto cinque

    Sette punto cinque (2018)

    CHF25.00 75cl.
  • Eco della natura

    Eco della natura (2019)

    CHF28.00 75cl.
    out of stock
  • Cana

    Cana (2019)

    CHF16.50 75cl.
  • Vespro

    Vespro (2019)

    CHF15.50 75cl.
  • Irti Colli

    Irti Colli (2017)

    CHF39.00 75cl.
  • Tributo

    Tributo (2018)

    CHF30.00 75cl.
  • Vindala

    Vindala (2017)

    CHF38.00 75cl.
  • amiis

    amiis (2016)

    CHF55.00 75cl.

Our history

  • 2016

    Eliana d'Amato-Marcionetti joins the family business full-time and like her mother before her, takes care of giving a voice to the wines.

  • 2002

    Raffaele Marcionetti graduates as a cellarman and joins his brother working at the family winery.

  • 1999

    Nicola Marcionetti founds the Settemaggio winery.

  • 1930

    Ettore and Carolina Marcionetti are farmers by profession and produce wine for their own consumption.

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