Domaine de Maison Blanche

AOC La Côte, Switzerland


Perched on the hills above Lake Geneva, on Mont-sur Rolle, the Maison Blanche estate extends over ten hectares and boasts a wide variety of grapes, with Chasselas reigning supreme. After continuous renovations, today the estate has two cellars, a granite press with a roof over it, as well as additional plots of vines in Féchy and Aubonne. The estate benefits from a variety of soils like heavy earth, limestone and moraine soils which promote the growth of different grape varieties.

The winery desires to sell wines that are ready for consumption. This entails a practice where more barrel ageing is done, causing longer storage periods. The estate is distinguishable from their original idea of using all forms of Chasselas in their winemaking to offer it "in all its forms!"

Domaine de Maison Blanche
Chemin de Maison Blanche 2
1185 Mont-sur-Rolle

Rock'n'Roll !

From Memphis to Geneva, via Mont-sur Rolle. De Mestral has lived through many good times on the estate, making it hard to select only one.

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The barrel-Chasselas effect

The wine that "binds" people. At one of the first Goût & Terroir fairs, the Maison Blanche estate had a stand.

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Our wine selection

  • Rosé de Mondeuse

    Rosé de Mondeuse (2019)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF13.00 75cl.
  • Clos d’Aspre

    Clos d’Aspre (2017)

    AOC la Côte, Aubonne Grand Cru

    CHF18.00 75cl.
  • La Part des Anges

    La Part des Anges (2015)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF18.90 75cl.
  • “Mondeuse noire & Pinot noir”

    “Mondeuse noire & Pinot noir” (2014)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF49.90 140cl.
  • Clos du Couvent

    Clos du Couvent (2011)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF19.80 70cl.
  • Clos d’Aspre Pinot Noir

    Clos d’Aspre Pinot Noir (2018)

    AOC Aubonne Grand Cru

    CHF17.00 75cl.
  • Clos d’Aspre Malbec

    Clos d’Aspre Malbec (2017)

    AOC Aubonne Grand Cru

    CHF19.00 75cl.
  • “Mondeuse noire & Pinot noir”

    “Mondeuse noire & Pinot noir” (2016)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF22.00 75cl.
  • Vieux Chasselas doux

    Vieux Chasselas doux (2008)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF45.00 37.5cl.
  • Viognier doux

    Viognier doux (2016)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF27.00 37.5cl.
  • Coteau de Curzille “Tradition”

    Coteau de Curzille “Tradition” (2019)

    AOC Féchy Grand Cru

    CHF11.60 75cl.
  • Blanc de blancs Brut

    Blanc de blancs Brut (2014)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF25.50 75cl.
  • Tradition

    Tradition (2019)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru, Domaine de Maison Blanche

    CHF11.60 75cl.
  • Clos de Germagny

    Clos de Germagny (2019)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF11.60 75cl.
  • Blanc de blancs Demi-sec

    Blanc de blancs Demi-sec (2016)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF25.50 75cl.
  • Viognier sec

    Viognier sec (2015)

    AOC Mont-sur-Rolle Grand Cru

    CHF19.35 75cl.

Our history

  • 2017

    A new member of the family, Antoine, joins the estate's team and continues the family´s heritage. He desires to work harmoniously with nature as well as respond effectively to the challenges of this century.

  • 1991

    The estate ages Chasselas in barrels for the first time: an innovation in the region.

  • 1528

    The de Mestral family acquires the Maison Blanche, a residence dating back to the 13th century.

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