Domaine Neyroud Fonjallaz

AOC Lavaux, Switzerland


The estate's vineyards are located in Lavaux, on terraced plots. They are spread over several regions (Chardonne, Saint-Saphorin, Calamin and Dézaley) and benefit from ideal exposure thanks to the "three suns" of Lavaux: the natural warmth of the sun, its mirror effect on the lake and the solar energy stored by the walls that are released during the night-time, (According to the writer C.-F. Ramuz). Along with the climate and perfect position of the vineyards, the geology of the region provides favourable conditions for the cultivation of Chasselas, namely the clay, limestone and molasse type of rocks. The region also promotes the growth of other grape varieties such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gamaret, and others.

Several stainless steel vats decorated with beautiful oak sculptures of wine motifs can be found in the cellar. This combination of the two materials suites a wide variety of wines and pleases customers who linger in the production area.

Domaine Neyroud Fonjallaz
Route du Vignoble 13
1803 Chardonne


Quality is the key to success

The "Magistrate of Saint-Saphorin" seduced the jury unanimously. Neyroud's award-winning wines no longer have to prove their quality.

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Respecting the flow of Nature

The land needs to be taken care of for future generations to come. The Neyroud-Fonjallaz family cultivates their vines with great respect for nature.

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Our wine selection

  • Le Chardon d'Argent

    Le Chardon d'Argent (2019)


    CHF12.80 70cl.
  • Le Magistrat

    Le Magistrat (2019)

    Saint-Saphorin Grand Cru

    CHF14.80 70cl.
  • Les Berneyses

    Les Berneyses (2019)

    Chardonne Grand Cru

    CHF13.80 70cl.
  • Dézaley

    Dézaley (2019)

    Grand Cru

    CHF19.20 70cl.
  • Cardona

    Cardona (2018)

    Pinot Gris Grand Cru

    CHF19.50 70cl.
  • Chavonchin

    Chavonchin (2016)

    Premier Grand Cru

    CHF24.00 75cl.
  • Le Relais

    Le Relais (2018)


    CHF14.80 75cl.
  • Pinot noir St-Saphorin

    Pinot noir St-Saphorin (2018)

    CHF15.80 70cl.
  • Saint-Laurent

    Saint-Laurent (2017)

    Grand Cru St-Saphorin

    CHF22.00 75cl.
  • Calamin

    Calamin (2019)

    Grand Cru d'Epesses

    CHF17.20 70cl.
    out of stock

Our history

  • 1996

    The winery receives the Gault & Millau Discovery of the Year Award, as well as several other prestigious awards.

  • 1995

    Jean-François takes the torch from his father, Louis Neyroud, and becomes an esteemed winemaker and oenologist.

  • 1991

    The marriage between Anne-Françoise and Jean-François Neyroud-Fonjallaz sees the adding of new vines to the estates in Calamin and Dézaley.

  • 1958

    Louis Neyroud, son of François, takes over the farm from his father and immediately purchases new vines to signal his takeover of the estate.

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