Les Trois Terres

AOC La Côte, Switzerland


With a breathtaking, panoramic view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, especially Mont Blanc, the estate´s vines are picturesque. Spread over several regions, the "Les Trois Terres" vineyards have three major types of soil ideal for grape cultivation. Firstly, a bottom moraine with molasse bedrock, clay-limestone soils, then medium-heavy soil, and lastly, stony and sandy soil on the lake terraces. All these characteristics give the vines a choice substrate for each type of wine, white as well as red. The "Trois Terres" team is concerned about the environment and cultivates certain plots of land using biodynamic methods.

The uniqueness of the estate lies in the gentle cultivation of the land. Laurent Bally and his team strive to work together with nature. They listen to their vines and respond organically to their needs. As a result, the wines produced are authentic and reveal all their natural personality.

Les Trois Terres
Avenue de Marcelin 72
1110 Morges


Wine, this child to guide

Most of the grapes harvested on the 30 hectares of the Domaine de Valmont are sold for vinification to a large winery. The small amount of remaining fruit is used to produce the house specialities.

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Wine knowledge

His Highness of the vines

An unforgettable vintage and the newcomer to the estate. The excellent quality of the grapes in the 2015 vintage made a huge impression on Laurent Bally.

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Our wine selection

  • Chasselas

    Chasselas (2019)

    CHF7.00 50cl.
  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc (2019)

    CHF16.00 75cl.
  • Altesse

    Altesse (2017)

    CHF24.00 75cl.
  • Chardonnay Barrique

    Chardonnay Barrique (2016)

    CHF23.00 75cl.
  • Rosé

    Rosé (2019)

    CHF7.00 50cl.
  • Maranoir

    Maranoir (2017)

    CHF13.50 75cl.
  • Méganoir

    Méganoir (2016)

    CHF20.00 75cl.
  • Pinot noir Barrique

    Pinot noir Barrique (2016)

    CHF23.00 75cl.
  • Servagnin

    Servagnin (2017)

    CHF23.00 75cl.
  • Gamaret

    Gamaret (2016)

    CHF23.00 75cl.
  • Syrah

    Syrah (2014)

    CHF29.00 75cl.
  • Chardonnay

    Chardonnay (2019)

    CHF13.50 75cl.
  • Assemblage

    Assemblage (2018)

    CHF11.50 75cl.
  • Cuvée Pourpre

    Cuvée Pourpre (2017)

    CHF24.00 75cl.

Our history

  • 2020

    Domaine du Manoir is sold, and harvests from the Côtes de l'Orbe and Bonvillars are purchased, to preserve different ranges of wine.

  • 2019

    Jérémie Rossier takes over the management of the vines and Laurent Bally becomes the manager of the "Les Trois Terres" brand.

  • 2009

    After graduating in oenology and viticulture and gaining experience in Valais and Geneva, Laurent Bally is hired as a vineyard manager on the Valmont estate.

  • 1930

    Alfred Oulevay and René Geissmann take over the Manoir estate in the north of Vaud, marking the merger of different regions under the name "Les Trois Terres".

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