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wineMatcher's Artificial Intelligence system helps you find your favourite wines with just a few clicks.

Find your favourite wines

Don't rely on the taste of others

By answering 10 simple questions, you will be able to discover your personal preferences. There is no marketing team behind the results, but only the wineMatcher algorithm, which determines whether you will like a wine or not based on thousands of criteria.

Discover your wine taste

There are dozens of well-known rating systems that can be a helpful guide - Parker points, for example, or the recommendation of the wine merchant around the corner. However, these are the tastes of others and not your own. With wineMatcher, you can find out which will be your favourite wines in less than 5 minutes - no prior wine knowledge needed.

Innovation with artificial intelligence

wineMatcher is the most personalized way to find the wines that fit your taste particularly well. The wineMatcher system is based on artificial intelligence (AI), provided to us by our technology partner Tastry - exclusively for Europe.

The wineMatcher Selection is a wine set built according to your personal taste

wineMatcher helps you find the best wines for you, that you can then get sent to your home free of charge. Your rating of the wines you particularly liked helps our algorithms to keep improving their recommendations for you in the future. By doing so, you will become your own "Parker" and discover new wines that will inspire you.

  • 1

    Answer 10 simple questions about your taste and find your favourite wines. wineMatcher is available for red wine and white wines.

  • 2

    Our AI will suggest wines that suit your taste particularly well. Each wine will be noted with your personal wineMatcher score on a scale of 0-100.

  • 3

    Create your own wineMatcher selection from your highest scored wines and get it delivered free of charge.

  • 4

    After enjoying the wines, you can rate them so that the algorithm can make even better recommendations for you in the future.

Tastry is a sensory sciences company that uses advanced chemistry, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to match consumers to products they will love. Founded by Katerina Axelsson, a graduate of Cal Poly with a B.S. in Chemistry, who worked at a custom-crush facility and noticed that one of their batches imprinted with two different labels received drastically different industry scores: it was then that she knew there had to be a more science-based way to score wine. Thus, Tastry was born.

wineMatcher is based on Tastry's technology and is licensed in Europe exclusively to

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