Cantine Stucky-Hügin Sagl

Ticino, Switzerland


Cantine Stucky-Hügin Sagl is a boutique winery. Its two cellars are the Cantina della Rocca and the Cantina del Portico. Almost all the vineyards are located in Sopraceneri. They are spacious and sandy soils. Most of the vineyards are steepy slopes with more than 100% inclination. Therefore, all plots are cultivated exclusively by hand: this increases the quality but decreases the quantity; one bottle per vine is produced at most. The boutique wines enjoy an excellent reputation.

The grapes are produced on steep slopes above Lake Maggiore. The slope guarantees a high quality of the grapes and requires a lot of manual work. Great importance is attached to sustainable production; in fact the use of pesticides is reduced to a minimum. The top wines are aged according to the maceration method in new French oak barriques, where the grapes mature for up to 18 months.

Cantine Stucky-Hügin Sagl
Via Rocca 37
6575 Vairano

The pioneer

In the 80s Werner Stucky developed Ticino wines quality and recognition. In the past, Ticino wines were seen as mediocre recognition; more a daily food than a fine gastronomic element. Thanks to him, today this has changed.

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A new wine on Lake Maggiore

Jürg Hügin and Werner Stucky helped Fiano to become indigenous. When Jürg Hügin, with the help of Werner Stucky, brought the old cellar back to life, both had a clear vision of what they wanted for its future.

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Our history

  • 2020

    All red wines from the Stucky-Hügin Cellars receive between 89.5 and 92 Parker points.

  • 2017

    Werner Stucky and Jürg Hügin combine their vineyards to form the Stucky-Hügin Winery.

  • 2007

    Jürg Hügin starts to build the Cantina della Rocca with the help of Werner Stucky.

  • 1981

    Werner Stucky founds Cantine del Portico

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