Cave Des Tilleuls

Valais, Switzerland


Most of the Domaine des Tilleuls is located in the village of Vétroz, in Valais, which is particularly well known for its favourite grape variety: Amigne. A few vines are planted on about ten dry-stone terraces that can be observed while sitting down and tasting wine in the cellar below. Small sentry boxes also point their noses through the vines. The rest of the estate is situated in the plain, on the alluvial deposits of the Rhône river.

The specificity of the Cave des Tilleuls is to be as natural as possible with as few additions as possible. A return to our roots and a love of nature by adapting to it.

Cave Des Tilleuls
Route Cantonale 174
1963 Vétroz

Surprise grape variety

The experience of Domaine des Tilleuls shows that sometimes mistakes can lead to beautiful, unexpected surprises.

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The beauty of nature

Humans and animals coexist in perfect symbiosis with nature.

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Our history

  • 2021

    Fabienne Cottagnoud's 25th harvest and the arrival of Madeline to take over.

  • 2015

    Creation of the SA, and arrival of Laurent Héritier, the new partner.

  • 2006

    For the 10th vintage, creation of special labels by various Valaisan artists.

  • 1996

    Fabienne carries out her first harvest with her husband.

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