Cave du Rhodan

Valais, Switzerland

Mémoire des Vins Suisses

The multi-award-winning Cave du Rhodan winery in Salgesch has a wide range of varieties with outstanding Pinots. The Upper Valais has the best conditions for winegrowing. With an optimal 600 mm per year, precipitation is below the Swiss average and 2100 hours of sunshine per year. The vineyards are mostly terraced and enclosed with dry stone walls, and all sites are cultivated mainly by hand. The soils are mainly limestone, but there are also gneiss and granite soils. The aim in the cellar is to bring out the naturalness of the grape variety every year. Various wines are vinified with spontaneous fermentation.

Much attention has been given towards sustainability since 2007. The Mounir family of winemakers calls this agriculture that is suitable for their grandchildren. A key haracteristic of this is the safeguarding of excellent, healthy soil that will benefit future generations.

Cave du Rhodan
Flantheystrasse 1
3970 Salgesch

Spring, Summer, Autumn - Sheep

In 2011, a 10-year-old Luc Mounir vigorously fought to have sheep at Cave du Rhodan. Today they have their permanent place in the vineyard year.

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Not big, but the best

Leo and Amedé Mounir were instrumental in creating Switzerland's first Grand Cru concept in 1988. Some 30 years later, Olivier and Sandra expanded the concept and created the best wine in Switzerland.

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Our history

  • 2019

    The Cave du Rhodan is listed among the best winemakers in Switzerland by Gault & Millau and has been featured every year since then.

  • 2011

    The winery becomes a member of the prestigious Mémoire des Vins Suisse association, which aims to raise the profile of high-quality Swiss wines at national and international level and to promote the winery's reputation.

  • 2007

    Olivier and Sandra Mounir are the successors. They focus on sustainable viticulture that is suitable for future generations, without losing sight of quality.

  • 1979

    Leo, Olivier Mounir's father, takes over the management and professionalises the winery. He is actively supported by his brothers.

  • 1962

    The family business "Cave du Rhodan" is founded by the brothers Lucien, Charles, Amédée and Leo. Until 1979, the eldest brother Lucien managed the business.

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