Chanton Weine

Valais, Switzerland


Since 1944, the Chantons have been cultivating their vines in the third generation. On the highest vineyard north of the main Alpine ridge, in the Vispertal, in Varen and Leuk, the grapes grow in happy symbiosis with nature. Courage to change and simplicity characterise the family's careful winemaking. Founded by Oskar, led to success by Josef-Marie and since 2008 under the management of Mario, pioneering achievements and talent continue to live on in the business.

The Chantons are famous for their Heida. Josef-Marie recognised the potential of the grape variety, planted a larger area and made this great variety known throughout Switzerland. The cultivation of Lafnetscha, Himbertscha, Gwäss, Plantscher, Resi and Eyholzer Roter earned him the nickname "archaeologist of Valais wine". With the autochthonous Plantscher, Himbertscha and Eyholzer Roter grape varieties, three unique varieties grow here that are protected by ProSpecieRara.

Chanton Weine
Kantonsstrasse 70
3930 Visp

The Chanton wine experience goes global

Wine made from potatoes, Nepalese Heida and 60,000-litre concrete wine tanks. Josef-Marie Chanton advises winegrowing projects abroad and learns a lot himself.

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Heida - a wild rarity

Fermented almost exclusively in private cellars, Heida was once rediscovered by the Chantons, who saw great potential in it. Today, the speciality is in high demand.

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Our history

  • 2008

    Mario Chanton, son of Josef-Marie, takes over the management of the family business.

  • 1977

    The era of the old grape varieties gains momentum: Josef-Marie plants Lafnetscha, later to be followed by Himbertscha, Gwäss, Eyholzer Roter, Resi and Plantscher.

  • 1964

    Josef-Marie Chanton, son of the company founder, plants the first Heida in the Toppi parish vineyard.

  • 1944

    Oskar Chanton founds the Chanton & Weissen winery with Hermann Weissen and finally takes over the entire business in 1951.

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