Domaine du Closel

Anjou-Saumur, France


Located 15 kilometers south-west of Angers, the Domaine du Closel - Château des Vaults is a must-see in the renown Savennières AOC (Controlled Appellation of Origin). The fief of Vaults has existed since 1495 and it is now Evelyne de Pontbriand who is responsible for protecting the heritage and continuing the traditions of the famous estate that has been biodynamic since the mid-2010s.

Evelyne, the current owner of the estate, is particularly committed to respecting the soil and the landscape. Within 37 hectares of land, the vineyards comprise 15 hectares. Located between meadows and forests, they flourish in a setting of biodiversity. With the help of researchers from the University of Anger agroforestry and soil management programs have been set up here.

Domaine du Closel
1 place du Mail
49170 Savennières

Biodynamic farming far from esotericism

Biodynamics is about a practical connection with nature and common sense in farming. It is a philosophy based on a radical change in the way we look at nature and vieneyard management. The two pillars of Domaine du Closel are respect for the balance and rhythms of the plant.

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Clos du Papillon, a wonderful coulée,

Savennières is famous for its coulées, small valleys perpendicular to the Loire whose south/southwest facing slopes host exceptional vineyards. Clos du Papillon is the coulée of Domaine du Closel, Evelyne's jewel that makes gastronomic wine.

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