Domaine Les Hutins

Geneva, Switzerland


Domaine des Hutins is aptly named; it is first and foremost a family estate, a legacy that has already spanned five generations. Pierre and Jean, the two "revolutionary" brothers, contributed to the Geneva wine reform in the 1980s by proposing new grape varieties. Now it is Émilienne, a talented oenologist who inherited the experience of her father Jean, and who is striving for excellence and taking new paths in winemaking and viticulture that are leading her to numerous awards and prizes in competitions.

More than winegrowers, the members of the Hutin family fervently and proudly defend their status as winegrowers-winemakers: the harvest, the fruit of a long year of work, is fully vinified and bottled at the estate. For the Hutins, the winegrower-winemaker is, according to the saying, "the one through whom the terroir becomes wine"; the one through whom the fruit becomes an elixir.

Domaine Les Hutins
Chemin de Brive 8
1283 Dardagny

Candles lit in the night against frost

Thanks to a collective effort and great human warmth, the new buds withstood the spring frost.

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Grapes have it all!

Thanks to the precious advice of their apprentice, the Domaine Les Hutins team carried out its first fermentation tests with indigenous yeasts on a biodynamic plot.

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Our history

  • 2009

    Domaine des Hutin joins the Memory of Swiss Wines association.

  • 2008

    Émilienne Hutin Zumbach at the head of the estate, guided by her father Jean.

  • 1976

    The vineyard area expands reaching 19 hectares. Pierre and Jean Hutin take over the estate from their father.

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