Domaine Thierry Constantin

Valais, Switzerland


Perched on terraces in central Valais, the vineyard extends over several plots (19 in total) between the communes of Vétroz and Sion. The steeply sloping areas of the estate allow ideal sunshine for the growth of beautiful grape bunches. Thierry Constantin is proud to cultivate grape varieties with respect for the environment, using hand strength and integrated pest management as often as necessary.

The trademark of Thierry Constantin's estate is found in his particular style of winemaking. The winemaker tries to control his yields as much as possible in order to obtain denser, more complex wines. Thus, he matures a majority of his red wines over a long period of time, about 2-2.5 years in barrel, before bottling. When tasting these wines, they reveal their full length, while remaining very fresh. They are wines that go well with the gastronomic world. They do not take over the dishes with which they are tasted, but rather accompany them.

Domaine Thierry Constantin
Route de Savoie 99
1962 Pont-de-La-Morge

The Pagan - Der Heida

A grape variety that comes from the Middle Age for an extraordinary gastronomic experience.
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In harmony with nature

The entire estate is cultivated as close as possible to the environment.
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Our history

  • 1995

    Thierry Constantin creates the estate from the land taken over from his parents. Contrary to his family, who previously only sold their grapes, he also vinifies them.

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