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HerterWein makes consistent terroir wines that reflect the soil and the vintage, including people and animals. To achieve this, the winery has renounced everything that does not occur naturally since the very beginning: no chemical or synthetic PPPs, neither herbicides nor mineral fertilisers. Except for plant protection and grass cutting in the lower vineyards, the plots are cultivated by hand. The Taggenberg is streaked with red sandstone and limestone and has a lime-rich subsoil. The Chlimberg is rich in humus and fertile, whereas the Ödenhof is a rocky desert full of marl and gravel with lots of lime.

In the cellar, HerterWein vinifies using spontaneous fermentation without oenological aids from laboratories, pure yeast, enzymes or fining agents. In addition, HerterWein is involved in many projects for biodiversity in order to give back lost habitats to animals and to strengthen the terroir: Native woody plants, shrubs and other refuges for animals such as the wryneck, hoopoe and weasel can be found in the vines.

Ruchried 3
8442 Hettlingen

Up to the limits

In exceptional years like 2015, terroir wines can push the limits, but Stephan Herter always drinks his Strix Chardonnay against convention.

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From misfortune to opportunity

Frost damage brought Stephan Herter to the brink of financial ruin: but instead of admitting defeat, he gathered his strength and created the Father Frost wine series, which gave three people a future.

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Our history

  • 2021

    David Giger joins HerterWein with his own project.

  • 2018

    Francesco Vitali joins HerterWein with his own project.

  • 2012

    The first vintage is vinified.

  • 2011

    Stephan Herter founds HerterWein.

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