Les Frères Dutruy

La Côte, Switzerland


The Frères Dutruy vineyard is located in the Terre-Sainte region, south-west of Lake Geneva. Different grape varieties are spread over two estates: the Treille in the commune of Founex, whose clay-limestone soils are ideal for the slow ripening of grapes, and the Doye on the Coppet side, whose alluvial and stony soils allow the grapes to concentrate in a surprising way.

For the last ten years, the Dutruy brothers have been striving to cultivate their estate organically. Three years ago, they received certification to prove that their vineyard meets the criteria of a famous organic label. This label can now be found on the labels of their bottles. The 2019 vintage is the first to welcome the special mention: "certified organic wine". They understand that treating the vines in the right organic way produces a better quality of wine. "You simply have to invest more hours and energy in your work."

Les Frères Dutruy
Grand-Rue 18
1297 Founex

Damn tractor!

Julien Dutruy recalls a traumatic story that makes him laugh today. His brother, Christian, who usually takes care of the vineyard machinery, had allowed him to drive a tractor on the farm, the first week after he got his driving licence.
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An unexpected distinction

Christian and Julien Dutruy had always imagined they would win the Swiss Grand Prix du Vin without ever really believing in it. Yet they did!
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Our history

  • 2017

    The two brothers are awarded the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse.

  • 2014

    A new cellar is constructed.

  • 2005

    The Dutruy brothers take over the estate.

  • 1918

    Gustave Dutruy, a winegrower at Château de Luins, and great-grandfather of the Dutruy brothers, buys the Founex estate.

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