Mastro di Baglio

Sicily, Italy


Mastro di Baglio was born in early 2017 from the union of three families of Marsala winemakers with an ancient farming tradition. The families, who had been vinifying their own grapes on the farm since the early 1900s, had ceased winemaking in the mid-1980s in favour of cooperation, transferring the produced grapes to more advanced facilities.

Mastro di Baglio was founded with the aim of recovering and enhancing the culture of domestic winemaking through the production of artisanal wines. The grapes come exclusively from their own vineyards, which are managed directly by the members according to ancient agricultural techniques, without irrigation and without using synthetic chemicals. In April 2016, united by the desire to recover the ancient family traditions, Genna, Manzo and Palmeri families founded Mastro di Baglio aiming to produce quality natural wines solely with grapes from their own vineyards.

Mastro di Baglio
Via Salinisti, 10
91025 Marsala

The first ray of sunshine after the storm

Allaria', from the local dialect 'allariare', refers to the sky that starts becoming clear again after a storm, the return of the sun as the clouds dissipate. This name, therefore, signifies the climate of serenity and positivity that characterises the winery project.

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Wines made with heart and soul

Mastro di Baglio was born by joining forces to achieve a common goal. A team of five young Marsala winegrowers from families with an ancient farming tradition, united by their love for nature and their desire to enhance the cultural heritage inherited from their families.

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Our history

  • 2017

    Mastro di Baglio was born.

  • 2016

    The first harvest.

  • 1911

    Antonino Palmeri, founder of the family of the same name, became the owner of the Baglio.

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