Schifferli Wein

Bündner Herrschaft, Switzerland


Vini Schifferli produces 100% self-produced wines whose grapes grow in optimal conditions. In the Completerhalde region of Malans three different grape varieties grow on just over half a hectare of land. The areais characterised by extremely steep slopes rich with clay and limestone, experiencing a mild climate and the warm foehn air. As a result of these particular conditions machinery cannot be used, so the land is worked exclusively by hand.

The company has a very artisan philosophy both in the vineyard and in the cellar of their relatively small winery. As a result, the use of only natural substances in the production of the wines is implemented: no herbicides or chemical-synthetic pesticides are used in the cultivation of the vines. Minimal influence is allowed in the cellar in order for the wine to mature and reach its optimum quality level in its own time.

Schifferli Wein
Sternengasse 3
7208 Malans

The Completer: tradition and uniqueness

Astrid and Andrin Schifferli revive the Completer. In the 1960s and 70s, the Completer grape increasingly lost popularity due to its distinctive acidity.

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The portrait of a wine

Each wine has a story of its own to tell. Besides the wines of the area, which enjoy a rather simple and noble aspect, the winery also produces wines where the background of the wine should be in the foreground.

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Our history

  • 2019

    Vini Schifferli is introduced for the first time to the public. The quality, appearance, and style of the wines become as Astrid and Andrin Schifferli had always imagined them.

  • 2016

    Change of residence in Malans and the acquisition of plots of land in the Completerhalde area. Astrid and Andrin Schifferli set up a new winery in Malans.

  • 2010

    The first wine pressing takes place solely for the personal use of friends and family.

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