Spiezer Alpine Weinkultur

AOC Thunersee , Switzerland


The Spiez vineyards lie between 530 and 630 metres above sea level and are among the highest north of the Alps. Thanks to the choice of suitable and qualitatively convincing varieties as well as a favourable microclimate with Lake Thun as a heat reservoir and the Föhn wind, it is possible to produce finesse-rich, juicy and elegant wines within sight of the mountain icons Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. It is a labour-intensive crop, requiring 700 to 1000 hours of work per hectare each year. The grapes are vinified in the old walls of Spiez Castle.

The vintners from Spiez protect and shape the alpine cultural region between lake and mountain. With its prominent location by the bay, the vineyard landscape is an important local recreation area for the region. The park-like grounds are freely accessible all year round, open to hikers, pilgrims, joggers and walkers at any time.

Spiezer Alpine Weinkultur
Schlossstrasse 8
3700 Spiez


Sauvignac - a symbol of Spiez wine making

The white resistant grape variety was the silver lining after one of the hardest blows in the history of the Spiez Vineyard Cooperative

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take time out to pause and enjoy in the Spiez vineyard

On the adventure trail, young and old can learn exciting things about the winegrowing year, nature and what else the vine gives to man in addition to wine. Beautiful places invite you to linger, picnic and enjoy the unique view.

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Our history

  • 1942

    Foundation of the Rebbau Spiez Cooperative.

  • 2007

    First planting of Cabernet Jura marks the beginning of the transition to resistant varieties.

  • 2017

    Introduction of the "Spiezer Alpine Weinkultur" brand, under which Spiezer wines are marketed from now on.

  • 2018

    Opening and further development of the Spiez Vineyard Cooperative: New, active members cultivate the cultural asset "Weinbau Spiez".

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