Terre d'autunno

Ticino, Switzerland


The Terre d'autunno vineyard mainly grows Merlot. Half of the vines grow on the hill terraces at Monticello and Lumino and half in recent settlements on the plain at Lumino. The winemaking process is carried out separately for each of the vineyards’ areas of cultivation. The gneiss soil is acidic and the climate is somewhat fresher compared to the Sopraceneri towards Locarno. This gives the grapes more time to ripen and allows them to develop their character in the temperature fluctuations of day and night. All slopes are vinified separately.

The Terre d'autunno winery is the only winery in Switzerland that handles every step of the winemaking process itself, from vine growing to barrel making to vinification. The barrels are built from local oak trees, which makes Terre d'autunno wines completely regional.

Terre d'autunno
Via Monticello 14
6533 Lumino

Wine knowledge

Out of a park, in to a barrel

In 2014, Davide receives a call from some friends. In Ascona, on Monte Verita, there are oak trees that need to be cut down. Could this be something for him?

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Biondina's apprenticeship years

The one who set out to learn everything - When forester Davide Biondina showed up at the French coopers with samples of his staves to find out whether the wood is suitable for making barrels, they were amazed.

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Our history

  • 2018

    Construction of new rooms in the winery including an oak barrel workshop.

  • 2016

    Founding of the winery Terre d‘autunno

  • 2011

    First wine produced in our own oak barrels (Questo).

  • 2000

    Beginning in 2000, a large part of the vineyard is planted and in 2006 the first oak barrel construction begins.

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