Weinbau Hanspeter Kunz Hampagner

A stylish sparkling wine

This mild sparkling wine with a special note, pressed according to the "méthode champenoise" is made for special occasions, be it for an aperitif, festivities or as a companion for romantic moments. More

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This sparkling wine delights the heart and soul and is definitely one of the best in Switzerland! With its delicate muscat aromas, pleasant acidity and freshness, it makes you ask for more.
  • 75cl
CHF 27.00
Additional information
  • Wine type
  • Country
  • Region
    Bündner Herrschaft, Grisons
  • AOC
    AOC Graubünden
  • Grape
  • Best consumption period
    2020 - 2024
  • Drinking temperature
    5 ℃ - 7 ℃
  • Alcohol volume
    12.5% vol
  • Nutrition facts
    Contains sulphites
  • Producer
    Weinbau Hanspeter Kunz, 7306 Fläsch (Switzerland)
Elian Kool, Winemaker Team
Since we started Winemaker.com, this sparkling has become the team's absolute favourite! Belongs among my secret weapons to convince friends of Swiss wine quality!
Elian Kool, Winemaker Team
How Hampagner was born
How Hampagner was born

Actually, Hanspeter Kunz was no friend of bubbles. Most of the sparkling wines he had tasted were too dry and too acidic for him. But when a sip of a colleague's sparkling wine found its way into his palate, he was thrilled and immediately asked him how to get such a wonderful product. The very next autumn the grapes were harvested and pressed for producing his own sparkling wine. It had to be neither too sour nor too dry, and simply a lot of fun to drink.

After the production was succesfully achieved, only the name was missing. He kept finding and immediately discarding options. When a former comrade from the fire brigade visited Hanspeter, he proudly opened a bottle of his sparkling wine. His friend kept calling him Hampa, as many friends affectionately nickname him. Hampa + champagner = Hampagner. And so, thanks to another friend, he found the name. It is good to have friends and wine!

Weinbau Hanspeter Kunz
Weinbau Hanspeter Kunz

Bündner Herrschaft, Switzerland

Hanspeter Kunz


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