Weingut Baumgartner

Lower Austria, Austria


The Baumgartner Baumhausweine winery is located in the Kamptal valley in Lower Austria and is now run by brothers Bernd and Karl Baumgartner. The 20 ha of vineyards are characterised by their great diversity of soil types and sites. Among others, there are calcareous scree deposits, pure rolling gravel soils, slate soils and red desert sandstone. The Kamptal is situated between the cold, harsh climate of the Waldviertel and the Pannonian climate from the east, which promotes the diversity of the winery. The vineyards are cultivated considerately by hand and the wines are storable.

In order to meet its own diversity of soils and climates and to provide guidance to customers, Baumgartner Baumhausweine has introduced the tree house as a classification system. The higher the wines come to heaven, the higher their quality.

Weingut Baumgartner
Schloßstraße 66
3550 Gobelsburg

Paved with money

In the old vaulted cellar of Baumgartner Baumhauswein, an old winemaking tradition lives on to this day. Over the years, the superstitious tradition has left its mark.
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Foul excellence

Just as the sky is above vines and tree houses, the Himmelwerk wines from Baumgartner Baumhausweine must also tower above all other wines. One Riesling managed a meteoric rise despite a poor starting position.
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Our history

  • 2017

    The Baumgartner brothers transform the range into the label Baumhausweine.

  • 2007

    Bernd and Karl Baumgartner juniors take over the winery.

  • 1983

    Karl Baumgartner took over the estate and enlarged it to over 15 ha.

  • 1955

    The winery was founded by the Baumgartner brothers' grandfather, who developed the vineyards and built the vaulted cellar.