Weingut Heidelberg

Bündner Herrschaft, Switzerland


The Heidelberg vineyard in Maienfeld is located in the region of the Bündner Herrschaft and is managed by the Lampert family, already in the fourth generation. Master winemaker Hanspeter Lampert and his 5-member team cultivate the Heidelberg vineyard as close to nature as possible, which is the basis for the healthy, aromatic grapes of their wines. The vineyards of the winery are situated on the debris cone of Maienfeld's local mountain Falknis. The stony and calcareous subsoil is therefore ideal for the growth of Burgundy varieties.

Hanspeter Lampert and his team adapt their working methods to ensure that their vineyards become diverse ecosystems, thus promoting the conservation of animals such as insects, birds and reptiles. Their vineyards are protected by a wall on at least one side. This creates an optimal microclimate in which even heat-dependent varieties such as Syrah and Cabernet can ripen.

Weingut Heidelberg
Heidelberggässli 4
7304 Maienfeld

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The Pinot Noir Lampert's Walser tells the story of the young wedding couple Elli and Oswald.

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Life threatening stone blasting in the vineyards

Removing the stones in the vineyards made a big impression on the young Hanspeter.

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Our history

  • 1996

    The wooden barrel cellar is built.

  • 1994

    Hanspeter Lampert takes over the winery.

  • 1989

    Start of the development of the red wines in Burgundy Pièce.

  • 1951

    Ernst Lampert takes over the fate of the Heidelbergs. Over the next 30 years, a mixed agricultural operation is completely converted to viticulture.

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