Weingut JURIS

Burgenland, Austria


The family winery run by Axel and Herta Stiegelmar is located in Gols, the largest wine-growing community in Burgenland. The winery name "Juris", which was established in 1995, honours Axel's father Georg Stiegelmar, who is considered one of the pioneers of Burgenland's quality winegrowing. The local colloquial name for Georg in Gols has always been "Juri". This is alluded to by the short form "Juris (Weingut)", which actually means "Georgs Weingut".

In the family-owned Golser Rieden, 20 hectares of vineyards are planted primarily with vines whose yields are processed into high-quality red wines. Thus, the range comprises about 80 percent red and 20 percent white wines. In particularly favourable years, sweet wines are also produced. The top red wines include single-varietal growths of Pinot Noir, St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch as well as cuvées of autochthonous and international varieties. In the white wine segment, there is a reserve Chardonnay, pressed from the grapes of old vines, as well as a mash-fermented "Gewürztraminer Ursprung".

Weingut JURIS
Marktgasse 12-18
7122 Gols

Burgundian Confession

The main focus at the Juris Winery is clearly on the Pinot Noir and St. Laurent varieties. Axel Stiegelmar sees the careful handling of Pinot Noir as a legacy that was passed down to him. His great-grandfather was already deeply involved with the variety.
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The art of composing cuvées

In the red wines, varietal blending plays a special role at the Juris Winery. The winery was once a pioneer in this field in Austria.
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Our history

  • 1998

    Large-scale redesign of the Juris winery in Gols. The world's first climate-neutral winery is created.

  • 1995

    At the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London, Georg Stiegelmar is awarded Winemaker of the Year. This is a milestone for the Juris Winery as well as for Austrian wine.

  • 1756

    The Güntherkeller, an earth cellar that reaches 12 metres below the surface, is built. It contains - absolutely unusual for a wine storage facility - a unique stalactite cave. The water, which acts as a cooling agent, drips down at 10 degrees Celsius and creates a perfect room climate for storing the great Pinot Noirs of the Juris winery.

  • 1571

    The Stiegelmar family, long established in Gols, can be traced back more than 450 years as winegrowers.